Swamped Chapter 133 Page 5

As far as you can tell, they’re going for the hostel. So if you head the other way, they’ll either ignore you, or some of them will go for you and you make things easier for the hostel guards.

It’s not a great plan, but it’s not as if you have time to come up with another one. You start running.

The two groups meet up near the squad you knocked out. After some brief chatter, they split up – three head for the hostel, three attend to the wounded, and two start chasing you.

That makes nine gangsters you’ve at least delayed significantly. Not too bad for a one-person job. Now, you need to deal with these pursuers somehow, and maybe even think ahead to what you’re going to do after that.

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Maybe you can lure one of them off and interrogate them to determine their intentions at the hostel.

But that’s getting ahead of yourself. What about that open manhole over there?