Swamped Chapter 133 Page 4

If you’re going to cause this group some trouble, then maybe it’s best to do it where you can be visible about it. Might alert the group you’re trying to bargain with, and perhaps scare the others. And it would help you talk your way in if they knew you’d done them a favor.

You’re a little ahead of them, so you try to run for a good ambush point without getting too close to the light. You soon find what you’re looking for – a garbage barrel. You get your hands around it, and wait.

When the group gets closer, you shove the barrel towards them. It rolls right into one of the gangsters, knocking them down immediately, and the trash flying out of it strikes another.

More importantly, it distracts the remaining two long enough for you to grab one and shove him into the other. The one covered in trash is just starting to recover when you grab the empty barrel and shove it over their head.

“Enemy reinforcements spotted!” someone shouts. “Looks like that guy from earlier intercepted.”

“Bound to be more incoming. Stay sharp, everyone.”

So, the good news is, your efforts were noticed.

The bad news is, your efforts were noticed. You can see two more groups of four running towards you. And you don’t think you can handle them by yourself, not even if you somehow regained the element of surprise.

Which means you’d better do something real fast.

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Retreat! If their target is the hostel, they’re probably under orders not to pursue you if you go the opposite direction.

Of course, that means you’ll have to circle back the long way around to get back here…