Swamped Chapter 133 Page 3

You draw a blank, so you back off. At least for now.

“All right, fair enough. I know I’ve run into more trouble than I hoped tonight.”

As you back away, they relax a little. Not completely. But if this fight gets settled, it’ll buy you goodwill with them.

You think your best alternative might be to intercept some of the reinforcements. You think you spot a group in the distance, so you keep to the shadows and make your way closer.

This seems to be a group of four. More than you’d like to take on yourself, but also not likely to be a big factor. Maybe they aren’t heading to reinforce? Or maybe they’re moving in a bunch of small groups like this.

Two of them are talking, so you listen in. This might offer some more of a clue as to what you’re up against. And, for that matter, as to what’s going on.

“I swear, this night keeps getting worse. Knew it was a bad sign when we had to go to the backup plan right away. Now we’ve had to give up on the hospital because Setrus never sent help, and on top of that we’re stuck bailing out Heron because he can’t manage to take one damn building that shouldn’t even be guarded.”

“Look, I ain’t happy either, but honestly, all of that? Ain’t our problem. Let Rennick deal with the big-picture stuff, we just hit who he tells us to hit. Right now, that means whoever’s getting in our way at the hostel.”

Heron and Rennick… right, Mortimer told you about them. Only really gave you a sense of their leadership styles, though. Apparently Rennick’s real serious about giving orders and Heron’s big on picking fights.

“I’m just saying, the way our luck is going, we might not even make it there. Or hells, it might be worse if we’re the only group that does. Can’t see four people doing much in a big brawl.”

So there are more groups. You could try to slow this one down, but you aren’t sure how much that would help. Not to mention there’s not a lot you can do by yourself.

You do note that you aren’t seeing any other groups nearby. Maybe there aren’t that many? But on the other hand, maybe this one group just happened to be in a weird spot. You don’t have a lot of info to go on.

Well, if you’re going to make a move, you should do it soon.

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Stalk them from the shadows, then hit them with a trash receptacle, preferably within sight of the hostel defenders.