Swamped Chapter 133 Page 1

Step one. Figure out who’s in charge. That at least tells you who to focus on.

Right now, that’s not very clear – all you’re seeing is a brawl. Nobody seems to be trying to direct it anywhere, calling out specific targets or anything. Occasionally one of the bystanders shouts when someone breaks away, but that doesn’t seem to really be an order – just a warning.

So if you want a better sense of who’s giving the orders around here, you’ll have to make things get more complicated. Preferably without making yourself a target.

Hmm. You think you see something. A lot of ’em are gathered around one of the streetlamps.

You’re no expert thrower, but you think you can manage to hit a target that big. You pick up a nice thick stone and fling it at the lamp. Then you duck behind a post so they don’t look too closely at who threw it.

The lamp shatters, and you hear panicked noises. More importantly, you hear authoritative voices. You peek out slightly so you can try to see who they belong to.

“Don’t lose focus! Fall back to the door!”

A group runs from the broken lamp to the hostel’s front door. Are they defending it?

“Don’t pursue ’em! Regroup! We’ve got reinforcements on the way, we just need to hold out!”

Reinforcements. That fits in with your theory that the hospital forces were redirected here. But you don’t know that for sure.

Still, it’s something, and you’ve identified the leaders. Now you need to make your next move.

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Approach the leaders who aren’t expecting reinforcements and confess to having a mutual enemy. Let them fill in the blanks.