Swamped Chapter 132 Page 24

At a glance, there’s nothing particularly interesting. Just dust and debris.

But then you notice tracks in the dust. They look a little like rat prints, but there’s something odd about them. It’s as if one of the toes is hooked.

And strangely, you don’t see any similar prints outside the coffin. Did this creature fly in? Was it perhaps carried?

Well, it doesn’t seem to be much of a lead, but you mention it to Marian.

“The prints seem oddly smooth,” she mutters. “Almost as though it’s some kind of tool, but it does look a lot like a footprint. Not that I have any more clue what sort of tool someone might want to use to steal a corpse.”

“Guess that could explain why it isn’t on the outside,” you say with a shrug. “Well, that’s all I was able to find, so I suppose we should be going.”

Marian nods, and leads the way out. Seems you’ve got a bit of a walk ahead of you.

You’re now Corvus, and you’re almost at the hostel. But not quite.

The main reason for that being, there’s a fight going on right outside it. A big one. Your best read on the situation is that it’s two sets of Guild cronies fighting each other, but you don’t know enough about the situation here to figure out who either of them work for. You can barely tell who’s on one side or the other.

Might explain why things were so quiet around the hospital earlier, though. This fight sure looks like it’s been going on for a while. Maybe the groups near the hospital got redirected here to help get it under control.

Unfortunately, you don’t think you can slip into the hostel unnoticed while it’s going on. Lots of people on both sides seem to be standing by watching, maybe waiting for a good moment to jump in and help their friends. Waiting around for one side to win doesn’t seem especially productive, either, since they might not be inclined to let you go in.

You think your best bet right now is to try to get a better sense of just who the players are. Maybe you can cut a deal with one of them. Question is, how are you going to find anything out without getting sucked into this mess?

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It’d help if you could overhear someone giving orders. Maybe you just need to introduce something unexpected to instigate a reaction from someone of authority.

Maybe throw a cobblestone at a nearby lamp to put part of the fight in darkness, then observe from a safe alley?