Swamped Chapter 132 Page 18

The first thing you notice is how young they are. Right at the point where you’re not sure if they’re an adult.

“Do any of you happen to recognize this person?” you ask the others.

“I do,” Arlene says. “Last year, a bunch of us from the old theater got together for a performance at one of the orphanages. This young one was sitting in the front row excitedly. Seem thrilled for the whole show.”

You glance towards the middle.

“They’ve got an interest in theater, then. Could explain the trick mirror, and why they sounded a lot older than they look, but we’ve got a lot of other questions that are much more pressing than those.”

“Chief among them, why are we even still here?” Marian asks, frowning. “I don’t see anyone else here, so unless there’s some sort of hidden chamber, then this isn’t where the priests are. Or my quarry, for that matter.”

Drip walks over to the coffin.

“Something that should be here is not, however,” he says calmly. “The coffin is empty. So this person you are looking for may well have taken the corpse, for the very reasons we suspected. And if so, perhaps they have left some clue that will allow us to follow their trail.”

Marian looks skeptical. You have to admit you are, as well. You think it might be best to just carry the kid out of here, and maybe they know enough to give you another destination.

But just as you’re about to suggest that, Arlene shouts excitedly. She’s found something.

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There’s a rune on the wall and it looks exactly like a marking on the map