Swamped Chapter 132 Page 17

You see something that resembles a wheel, but it doesn’t turn in your hands. However, pointing the glowmoss up, you see some ropes going into the door. Maybe this is some kind of pulley.

If so, you don’t see how to control it from here. Is the mechanism higher up? Perhaps operated by someone else?

You close your eyes again. No aura up there. You open your eyes and try the glow-moss, and follow the ropes.

It’s not exactly easy to see, but they appear to go across the ceiling. Maybe there’s something on the other side.

If there is, you don’t see it here. The ropes seem to go into the back wall. Is there a passage there?

You feel around, and find a wall that ends. Going around, you see a small chamber – with its own glow-lamp, so you pull that off the wall for better visibility. You see something suspended in the air, and some kind of stand at the bottom.

A counterweight, you realize. Pull it down and lock it in the stand, and it pulls the door up. You press down on it, and hear a click as it locks in place. There’s clearly more to this, but you don’t really need to understand it better right now.

You head back in. Everyone else has come in through the door.

And now that you’ve got a stronger light source, you can get a better look at the person you knocked out.

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They’re younger than you expected