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“Well, after the rites, I was given the honor of carrying her body into the crypt,” the priest replies. “The passage inside is quite narrow, however. If a large enough group were working their way through at once, that rainguard would be prone to poking and prodding constantly, no matter how you tried to carry it. We only got the coffin through because it was just two of us carrying it and we could focus entirely on it.”

“It’s a lead worth pursuing. Where is the crypt?” the red-haired woman asks.

“Not far from here. She first served in a church at the seaside, and wished to be buried there. Both for sentimentality, and because it would be closer to Nual.”

“All the more likely, then,” you say. “A big group of priests would attract a lot of attention. You wouldn’t want to take them very far. Lead the way, and maybe we can get some introductions done while we’re at it. If we get into a fight and need to shout somebody’s name, best that we know whose name we’re shouting.”

“Well, you’re Minnie. I recognize you from the posters around town already,” the red-haired woman says. “Although I don’t know who your friend in the mask is. But you can call me Marian.”

“I am in a phase of my training where I am to forego my name temporarily,” the priest replies. “Until I have passed, I am to think of myself as nothing more than a drop of water in the ocean.”

“Drip, then,” Arlene says. “I’m Arlene, nice to meet you all.”

“If you must call me something, that is a reasonable option,” the priest shrugs. “At any rate, we should reach the crypt soon.”

He’s not kidding. It’s barely more than a minute before you can see the church. It’ll still take some time to walk there, but not much. You might even be able to get back before the Golem arrives.

“Just to be clear, is this place marked on the map you saw?” you ask Marian.

“It looks like it. I think we should investigate the crypt before trying to work out what the map means, however.”

Which is strange, since she’s the one who was so interested. But she did say she was trying to track someone down, and maybe the priests are a better lead on that.

Drip leads you to the back of the church, which is the cemetery. As he guides you to the stone door of the main crypt, you glance around just in case you spot something interesting.

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No, you don’t see anything unusu–whoops! Why is the grass here so slippery?