Swamped Chapter 132 Page 3

“Here it is.” You pull out the map and hold it up. “I don’t plan on parting with it, mind, so you’ll have to tell me what you can see from here.”

The red-haired woman looks at it intensely.

“I see a second map. Not that I know what it means.” She quickly pulls out a notepad and sketches something, then holds it up. “Perhaps you have more context?”

“I don’t really know this town.” You glance at Arlene and the priest. “But you both live here, right? Does it look like anything to either of you?”

“Yes, actually,” the priest says. “Most of the marks are at the locations of churches. But that doesn’t seem to be the full pattern – there are a few locations I’m not familiar with, and Nual’s main temple doesn’t seem to be on here.”

“Hmm, maybe it’ll make more sense if we figure out what the other locations are,” Arlene muses. She walks over to the red-haired woman and takes a closer look. “Oh! I know what that one is!”

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Author’s Note:

There were no suggestions for this update.
Since the previous prompt was essentially a choice between two options, I flipped a coin to decide between them.
In addition, I accidentally referred to the priest as “Mantis” and didn’t notice until I moved this update over. Unlike other recent continuity errors, I decided to correct this instance rather than construct an elaborate explanation for why Minnie called him that in her narration.