Swamped Chapter 132 Page 2

She lifts up a rainguard, and opens it up.

“If it’s not actually raining, they usually keep these to the side. This one’s out in the open, and there hasn’t been so much as a raindrop all night.”

“And for that matter, the priest said not to bring up weather to the ship’s crew,” you muse. “You’d probably want the rainguards out of the way just in case they upset someone. So why is this one out here?”

“If I were to hazard a guess, I would say it is because Brother Herbert is always excessively worried about rain,” replies a voice. You turn towards it and see a priest, and a red-haired woman. “And he brings a rainguard with him wherever he goes, no matter how unlikely the weather is to change.”

“Who are you?” you ask.

“Oh, it’s that weird priest,” Arlene says. You refrain from commenting on how the priest, however weird he may be, isn’t the one who’s been wearing an animal mask for several hours. “Don’t know who his friend is, though.”

“We have a mutual acquaintance,” the woman says. “Goes by the name Crow. He says you have a map, which I’d like to have a look at.”

Must be the woman the wizard was talking about. You can’t help but notice she closely resembles the two women you found unmoving in the warehouse. And a woman you recall seeing at Patterson’s a few times, for that matter.

If that’s her, then you really could use her help with Grandmother’s map. But you’ve also got a more immediate mystery on your hands, and maybe you ought to deal with that first. Then again, your only lead is an umbrella… but maybe the priest knows something.

Well. Whatever you’re going to do, best to decide quickly and get to it.

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Author’s Note:

There were no suggestions for this update.
To give myself something to work with, I ran through a random word generator a few times and got the word “umbrella”.