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“Much more colorful than it should be,” she mutters. “The sea washes out most of the color from this kind of shell. This looks like it’s never been in the ocean, but if that were true, how could it grow?”

“Well, it’s supposed to be holy,” Arlene says. “Maybe Nual created it on land, or stopped it from losing its color.”

The priest seems skeptical.

“Nual prefers to let nature run its course. Although, I’m not getting any sense of what he’s feeling right now. I suppose he’s not upset by its presence in his temple, at the very least.” She paces back and forth. “I believe it best if you hold onto that for now. But once your business with the Golem is taken care of, you should leave it with us.”

“Certainly,” you reply, putting it in your pouch. “So, let’s get ready, then. I was thinking we could borrow some appropriate robes so they’d let us get close. If that’s all right with you?”

“That would be easiest, yes. And I’ll give you proof of my approval, in case there’s any trouble. Follow me, please.”

She starts walking away, and you follow her.

“You’re going to have to take that mask off, Arlene. It’ll just lead to awkward questions.”

“But those are the best kinds of questions!” Arlene declares.

“Not when you’re trying to investigate something on a holy ship,” you sigh.

“Oh, yes,” the priest says, as she leads you to a closet door. “There’s something important you should know about the ship, as well.”

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Don’t mention the weather to any of the crew.