Swamped Chapter 131 Page 11

“Because I’m fairly sure whoever’s doing this swiped a copy of my grandmother’s map. Her name was Matilda Laikenne – you might have heard of her.”

The old priestess looks wary all of a sudden.

“I knew that damn woman would come back to haunt me sometime. And if she’s poking her nose in this from beyond the grave, it must be even worse than it sounds.” She looks you right in the eye. “But I don’t know for sure that you’re her granddaughter, do I? She left town before I learned to read auras, so I can’t see how yours compares.”

“You can’t tell from mine if I’m lying?” you ask. You actually weren’t even sure you could use them to tell if people were related. There’s apparently a lot you’ve been missing about auras all this time.

“Auras aren’t that direct. All I can tell is that you’re trying not to tell me something specific. Can’t tell if any particular thing is a lie.” She turns to Arlene. “Have to say, though, if you’re trying to pull something over on me, it’s real daring to do that while your friend is wearing a Kanathe mask.”

“She’s just weird like that,” you sigh. “But getting back on topic, I can prove my heritage if that’s the issue.”

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Got the paperwork from the orphanage right here. Was left in their care after ma passed on.