Swamped Chapter 131 Page 9


“Is that a goddamn cannon?” you exclaim.

“I think that was a warning shot,” Arlene says. “Like, a shell filled with mistflower or something. See, there’s a lot of smoke up high but not much else.”

And it seems several of the gathered groups have taken it as a warning. You spot a number of them running, and about a half dozen or so yelling at them to get back to their positions.

Then there’s another shot and it hits one of the fires. That frightens off the rest of them, before the shell even explodes.

“She’s got good aim,” Arlene observes.

“You down there!” an elderly voice shouts. “The ones throwing rocks! I’ll be having a word with you. Get inside.”

“Not with me, I hope. You were the only one throwing rocks.”

“I don’t think she’s going to be all that concerned with the details,” you sigh. “Maybe our little prize will catch her interest, though.”

You walk towards the temple doors. They don’t seem to be locked. But you don’t see anyone when you enter. It’s probably taking her some time to get downstairs.

As you wait, you take a look around, and something catches your eye.

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Looks like a little aquarium