Swamped Chapter 131 Page 6

Several small groups have gathered around makeshift fires. You don’t know who they are, but they don’t look like priests. Or like they’re desperate for warmth, at that. No, they all look like they’re waiting for something.

And they’ve essentially surrounded the temple. You don’t know if this is an attack or something else. Might help if you could get closer and figure out if any of them are carrying weapons… but if they are, and you get that close, you could be in trouble.

“Arlene, is this any sort of local custom you know about?” you whisper.

“Nope. I can tell you this much, though – these people are from out of town.”

“Really! What makes you say that?” You certainly don’t see anything, but you’ve only been here a month.

“The smoke. It’s a bit of an odd color, right? They’re burning shipwood. Which is damn valuable and any local – or hells, any sailor with a lick of experience – would know not to waste it on fire when it could be sold to a shipwright.”

Huh. The smoke does look weird, now that she mentions it.

“Most likely hirelings from one of the Guild factions, then,” you muse. “But what are they doing?”

Arlene glances around, then points.

“I think they’re waiting for those people.”

You see a rather large crowd carrying a number of cauldrons towards the temple. You don’t know what they’re planning, but you strongly suspect it’s not good.

At the very least, it’s likely to complicate meeting with a priest unnoticed.

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Maybe there’ll be fewer of them at the Temple’s side door!