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“We’re going to meet with the Golem,” you remind her, as you’re looking around. “To get close enough, the plan is to disguise ourselves as dockworkers.”

“Yeah, I got that much. You sure I can’t do it with my mask on?”

“Yes, Arlene,” you sigh.

“But this is a fishmonger’s. I doubt they keep stevedore uniforms in here.”

“Stevedore?” you ask. “Never heard that one before.”

“Fancy name for dockworker. You live here long enough, you hear pretty much all the names for ’em. Anyways, quit circling the stone, as the greblings say. You’re the one who said we ought to be in a hurry.”

“I’ve been looking the whole time,” you continue. “The easiest way to get dockworker uniforms is to bribe some dockworkers.”

“What, with fish?” Arlene asks. “Seems to me booze would be more effective with a lot of ’em.”

“Not these ones. Remember, this is supposed to be a holy ship. They won’t let just anyone go near it. And yes, plenty of Nual’s priests get drunk, but not when they’ve got to help unload a blessed ship the night before the holy festival. Which means we need a way better bribe than booze.”

“So, we looking for some kind of holy fish, then?” Arlene asks. “Whatever it is, this’ll go faster if you tell me what it actually looks like so I can actually help.”

“Afraid you can’t, it’s not exactly distinguishable by ordinary sight. In fact, you probably ought to head outside.”

“Hold on, I thought you said you couldn’t see ether. That was the whole reason we needed to find a wizard.”

You sigh.

“I see auras. They’re different from ether. Don’t have time to explain that mess, it barely even makes sense to me.”

“Oh, I’ve heard of those. But I thought that was a priest thing.”

“So did I. Never heard a peep from any god, though.” You glance around. “And hang on, I think I spotted it. Definitely something unique about this aura.”

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It’s coming off a wooden crate that seems to contain old netting.
Author’s Note:
Yes, I had to look up the word “stevedore”.