Swamped Chapter 130 Page 8

You see Minnie’s map.

Wait, no – it’s not the same map, it’s a copy. Paper’s newer. But you recognize the actual map and markings as the same, in the brief instant it flickers across your consciousness.

Somebody’s handing it to somebody else… You only have a moment, but you can see it clearly. Someone dressed like the stranger you found in the shower is handing it to Evan. You notice, just before you snap back to the present, that he’s not wearing a bracelet.

Well. You learned a lot, even if you’re not sure how useful some of it is. But the specific thing the wizard asked you to do is go looking for this “Badger” at the hostel. So you guess that’s what you’re doing, and then you’ll see what you can do about that globe.

You’re now Minnie Laikenne. And things have just gotten unexpectedly complicated.

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You’ve run up against some local resistance named Sunflower and Black