Swamped Chapter 130 Page 6

It just looks like a bundle of spikes. Maybe it’s a hedgehog, or a spine lizard?

Wait… maybe it’s a sea terror. The card background is the same color as the coalcrab – maybe the suits have to do with creature types, and they’re both sea creatures? Or is it just for fortune-telling?

You think you’re fixated a little too much on the cards and not enough on who’s holding them. Not that you expect to have much idea who they are, but it’s worth a look anyways…

Wait, hold on. You have seen that face before, in a painting. Your old boss in the Guild liked to collect portraits, though you never dared to ask any questions about them. So that doesn’t help much with identifying them either.

Well, except that your memory is unusually clear now, and you’re very clearly remembering the day you saw the painting. It’s a bit unsettling considering that day hasn’t technically happened yet.

The boss was, or will be, talking about some stupid mission he had, or will have, for you, so there’s no clues in there. But you do notice something unusual in the person’s portrait.

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In the background there’s a building and around it are globes filled with bioluminescent sea creatures. But one is broken.