Swamped Chapter 130 Page 2

“At the hostel,” the wizard says, just as you’re about to open your mouth. “Ask it anyway, we’re lucky to get this close to being in phase.”

“Where can I find the expert on obscure legends about time magic?” you ask, sighing heavily.

“Badger,” he says.

“What’s their name?”

“You shouldn’t ask that one.”

You glance at the next question on the note. Who do you think the Marshguard contact is? It’s almost like it’s confirming your theory.

“Um,” you say, not really knowing what else to do.

“I know. Hopefully our next meeting will be a little easier on us both. Good luck.”

“This is no way to hold a conversation,” you mutter. And apparently it’s over.

You walk away, not sure you gained anything from that. Then you look at the next line of the note, since it goes a little beyond the conversation.


It’s not a request, it’s some kind of command. You think time magic is involved. You suddenly see the wizard having a talk with one of the nurses… Evan, right? He’s wearing a bracelet.

“I am that clerk,” the wizard says.

The nurse nods, and hands him a note.

“Go. Nual be with you.”

Wait a minute. Didn’t Evan say something to you about not being a Nual worshipper?

Yes, he did. The conversation’s suddenly coming back to you, very clearly. You even remember he wasn’t wearing a bracelet.

An impostor, then?

And come to think of it… he said Burgundy ran off chasing someone through the emergency exit. But you saw him standing around there later.

Why would he even lie about that, though? Even if he was an impostor?

No, hold it. The conversation’s getting even clearer in your mind. The exact words were “the man standing watch”. So was someone else standing in his place instead?

Your eyes drift over to the emergency exit. Whatever’s affecting you allows you to witness the scene for yourself.

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Try not to be too conspicuous as you observe these time phantoms