Swamped Chapter 13 Page 14

You decide to just go along quietly.

You were thinking of escaping, but it’s clear now that Crook is more or less on your side. Your main worry is getting interrogated by someone like Razor again; maybe you can convince Crook it’ll be worth his while to stall if that happens. Or at least give you a heads-up on if you need to be worried.

Crook takes you back to the cells, where everyone else is sitting around. You notice that Ringer is still on duty.

“Ringer. You’re relieved. I’m taking over here.”

Ringer rings their bell once in acknowledgement and walks off. Crook shoves you into a cell. At least it’s more comfortable than the interrogation room.

“Right. All of you sit tight here until the next interrogation. Whenever that is.”

You notice Walter scribbling something on a small sheet. When Crook’s head is turned, he crumples it up tightly and tosses it into your cell.

Carefully, you unfold it. It seems to be a rough sketch of a technique for escaping from an arm hold. Walter gives you a quick smile as you crumple it back up. Might be useful, but you’re not likely to get a chance to practice safely.

In fact, there’s not a lot you can do right now except wait. Hopefully, once Rider gets back, you’ll find out just what it is he wants with you. You can’t help but be curious.

You’re now someone with a bit more freedom to move around. Who would that be?

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You’re Commander Ash, and if things keep playing out this way, Captain Long won’t be getting his post back for some time.

Alternatively, you’re Private Burgundy, and you cannot believe this bullshit.


Just as you planned….



Youve just gotten word of marshguards around the base. You dont have comcrete evidence but your gut is telling you this is a big attack. The other bogknights have been known to call you paranoid, but you wouldnt have been promoted so quickly if your gut instincts weren’t right so often.

Author’s Note:

The thing about the suggestion-driven nature of a story is that decisions can change pretty suddenly. A few updates ago, Marshall was thinking about escaping due to a suggestion – but now we’ve got a strong consensus against it.

It makes some sense in-story, of course. The initial thoughts of escape were right after a harrowing encounter with Razor. Crook turned out to be more understanding, so Marshall is calmer and less desperate. And overall, Marshall isn’t a very decisive person – to some extent, this is because their actions are largely driven by suggestions, but another factor is that the audience will make suggestions for someone based in part on how I present that character.

If Marshall were more confident and decisive, the audience would probably make suggestions that are a better fit for that sort of character. Even where they didn’t, it would affect how I write the story – if I were to get a suggestion that seems out-of-character on the surface, I might show the thought process that leads them to do it anyway.

This is something that’s interesting to think about as we shift to the perspectives of other characters.