Swamped Chapter 13 Page 13

“You’ll see when we get there.”

Crook leads you through a few hallways, then takes you into a doorway when no one else is around. Inside are dozens of pens filled with various swamp animals. They make you nervous, but none of them seem at all aggressive.

“Rider’s got a way with animals,” Crook explains. “It’s not just his mount; he takes care of all sorts of creatures. And they’re docile. Here, take a look.”

Crook leads you over to a pen with several crocodiles in it, and pats one on the head. It makes a strange noise, but one that sounds satisfied; it’s like it’s trying to purr.

“No idea how he does it. Or why, either. All I know is, he gets mad if anyone suggests using them for battle.” Crook shrugs. “He’s a hard man to understand, really.”

You can’t help but wonder if Dean knows about this place.

“Anyhow! That’s all we got time for. If we dawdle too much longer, I’ll probably get my head chewed off by either Razor or Claws. So from here on out, it’s straight back to the cells. You got that?”

Well, if you’re going to do something to escape, now would seem to be the time.

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Take your chances with the crocodiles and make a break for it!


Wait, why are we trying to escape again? Crook’s been pretty nice. You’ve got to see something that maybe your dad’s been up to. And even though you’re separated from your bogknight buddies you’d still be within shouting distance. Escaping is just going to cause trouble for you and the people who, up to this point have been relatively nice to you. Not to mention the consequences it might have for Mary and the gang. And what do you expect to do? Sightsee the marshguard base some more until you’re captured? Your dad is the freaking Rider (probably)! You are not going to stay in that cell very long. He’s been trying to get a hold of your since you first got to this swamp. There isn’t any need to cause a ruckus or bad blood between you and the marshguards, especially if its just to get a look around a base you’ll probably get to see more of anyway.

Don’t risk it with the crocodiles, as docile as they may seem, you only have one hand left.

Thank Crook and head back to the cells with him. Maybe later you can make some good fortune come his way.


Don’t bother running. The last time the Guards actually hurt a captive was when they fed Lisa bad stew on accident that one time. The crocodiles, on the other hand…


Eh, this is probably more than you would have seen if you had escaped early anyway. And you spooked him. Stay on their good side for the moment.

Though if someone is holding you by the arm like that in the future (standing next to you, facing the same way, holding the upper arm), you can break their grip by swinging that arm forward, up, around behind, down, and then forward and up again, aiming for the elbow area. This is a surprise and leverage escape, with emphasis on surprise. It may break their elbow in addition to their grip.