Swamped Chapter 13 Page 10

After Razor’s interrogation, you really aren’t in much of a mood to cooperate. You have a hard time believing he’ll obey the orders to stay away.

You’re not going back to your cell, at least until Rider’s back. You’re not sure how that meeting will go, but you can worry about that when it happens.

For now, you need to get out of Crook’s custody. And the way to start is by distracting him.

“You ever play cards, Crook?” you ask.

He gives you a glare.

“You could say that. You could say I played a little too much, even. Certainly more than enough for a lifetime, so I’m not interested in whatever you were about to suggest.”

“It wouldn’t be for money,” you say. You’re not sure where you’re going with this just yet, but you need to hold some kind of conversation.

“What for, then? You beat me at cards, I let you escape? Ha, that’s a good one. I take my job seriously, newmuck, and even if I didn’t, there’s at least eight people who’d yell at me for letting a prisoner go like that.”

“No, I meant, just for fun. I figured it would be easier to play with someone who can sit next to the bars than with someone in another cell, that’s all.”

“Good luck with that. Cards have sent many a poor soul here. Even if nothing is at stake, it’s an unpleasant reminder of the lives we left behind.”

This diversion isn’t working too well so far, and he’s taking you closer to the cells with every step. Perhaps you need to try a different approach.

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See if you can make him feel self conscious, walking down this hallway alone with him holding your arm IS pretty intimate.

But if that doesnt work, can you just headbut him or trip him? Maybe fall right in front of his legs to trip him and roll so that his grip on your arm pulls him foward, then scramble up to your feet and take off.


Ask what he thinks of Mud Viper. We caught her for a bit, you know. She’s one tough lady.