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The best option you can think of is for him to get himself caught in an ambush.

“Actually, I guess that way’s a little messy,” you say. “Easier way is probably to get a job driving supplies to the swamp. There’s a decent chance you’ll get ambushed and you can surrender and offer to join. You’ll know it’s them and not ordinary bandits because they’ll be dressed in purple uniforms.”

“Like yours?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Nah, this just happens to be the same color. I’m an actor, it’s a costume.” No sense blowing your cover – you’ll be in enough trouble if any of the Bogknights happen to be listening in. “But I’ve heard stories.”

“Hmm. I could see my way to getting the right job, but if I’m just going back and forth waiting for an ambush, Ms. Hallen might track me down first. Is that really the best you’ve got?”

He dropped a name. Probably the one you were hoping to get out of him. Which means either he’s willing to trust you… or he’s bluffing you.

No. He’s still shaking a little. He meant it, and maybe he even regrets it. But it’s clear he’s decided there’s no turning back.

So you can’t bear to disappoint him. You need to tell him something reassuring, even if you don’t know the details right now.

Pity most Marshguards don’t make it to old age, or they might have told you a story of how things were in the old days. The only one you can think of who’s old enough to have been around these days is Mantis, and you already know he hasn’t joined yet, since you saw him earlier…

Wait a minute. Doesn’t that mean Mantis will be making his way there one day? So if this guy sticks with him…

Except, you don’t know when that is. Could be months away, years even. Or it could be tomorrow!

But Mantis is also a priest, isn’t he. And this guy seems to be grateful to Qlat. Maybe that’ll lead to something…

“Qlat will provide a way,” you tell him. “And I know someone who may be able to help us find it.”

He bows his head. You hope you can live up to what you just said. Certainly seems you don’t have to worry about him listening in, so you head back to the wizard.

He immediately makes clear he has some words for you.

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Too bad he’s saying them backwards, though