Swamped Chapter 129 Page 17

“I’ve heard of a place beyond the reach of the Guild, and of the law for that matter,” you say. “A place where they don’t care who you are or what you’ve done. A fortress in the heart of the northern swamp, and all they’ll ask for is that you fight in its defense. I might be able to find a way to get you there.”

“Swamp,” he says, quietly. At first you think he’s losing it again, but he soon speaks up.

“I survived that damned ice, I suppose a swamp can’t be any worse. Long as it doesn’t freeze there. What do I need to do?”

Now this is the awkward part. You have a theory that there’s a Marshguard here, but you could be completely wrong on that. And even if you’re right, how would you contact them, let alone convince them to bring him along?

But you’re not going to string him along. You’ve seen too many in the Marshguards like him, and every last one of them told you that as bad as the swamp was, every other option for them was far worse. You’re not even thinking about how it may impact the timeline – this man is suffering, and you know a way to help him. Even if you haven’t worked out the details yet.

So the question, really, is what you tell him right now.

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Maybe he could make use of the bogknight supply chain to get close enough to the swamp, maybe to one of the outer safe houses where messenger crows from the fortress come and go