Swamped Chapter 129 Page 15

It looks like a letter. A fairly unremarkable one – from a friend, perhaps, or maybe the man’s children. Tells of what the writer’s family have been up to in the months since the last one.

But you recognize it for what it really is. Seems the Guild hasn’t changed most of the codewords in a few decades.

Severely injure target. Fake injury to monitor. Keep watch on all visitors.

You turn to him.

“So you’re the one who’s been spying on us,” you say. “Got some questions for you.”

He starts shaking wildly.

“No… No! The ice!”

Wow, he’s really not in good shape. You wonder if you’ve got any hope of calming him down, or if you should just get one of the nurses.

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Try compelling him to calm in the name of Qlat. That’s the bug god, right? Maybe his response will give you a hint as to why Qlat is taking an interest in the goings on here in Nual/Brume-ville. If that doesn’t have an impact, yeah, call for a nurse.