Swamped Chapter 129 Page 12

She’s talking to a grebling – not one of the ones you were talking to before, though.

“Why can’t we leave?” the grebling grumbles. “I saw some people walking out.”

“People with masks,” Patterson says calmly. “Don’t know where they got ’em, but that’s why they were allowed to leave, best as I can tell.”

Hmm. How does she know that?

“And I suppose they don’t have any that fit greblings,” the patient mutters. “Because of course they wouldn’t.”

“Don’t think they have a lot that fit humans, either. Honestly, I don’t think I’d wear one even if I could. They look a litte, military to me. Anyhow, they probably wouldn’t let you leave until morning anyways.”

“They let a human leave earlier in the night,” the grebling mutters.

“The old man? Yeah, I think they had him helping out. He kept coming back, anyhow. Look, I ain’t gonna pretend this is fun, but they’re not picking on you. Lots of humans are stuck here, too.” Patterson pauses. “Or is that why you want to leave?”

The grebling doesn’t comment. But you’re getting the sense that Patterson likes to gossip.

Hmm. In that case , you might have more to ask her about than just the ice. But the grebling seems pretty agitated, and you’re not sure speaking up while wearing a military uniform is going to help – even if you pass it off as a costume again.

You need to approach this carefully.

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Well, you can’t just wait for them to finish their conversation, you’ve got things to do! Maybe you should just bring Long’s staff to the wiz… Maybe he’ll know what happened with the ice anyway, since Patterson doesn’t seem to be carrying it.