Swamped Chapter 129 Page 7

The most obvious place is under the bed. Too obvious, really – anyone worth their salt hiding under there would ambush you when you got this close. Still, might be a clue.

Or… they might be unconscious and strewn under there, instead of properly on top of it. Pretty badly bruised, too. Looks like somebody got to them before you did.

First things first, you pull the poor sap up and put them on the bed, wiping the lizard’s slime trail as best you can.

You aren’t sure what this means for your theory. And it kind of puts you back to square one on finding the eavesdropper… unless it happens to be whoever did this.

Unfortunately, your efforts to wake them up and get more information on that don’t seem very effective. Maybe they’ve been drugged… or maybe they’re in even worse shape than they look.

So you’re not going to get a lot of answers from them. Best to just alert one of the nurses. You turn around and spot… Evan, you think his name was? You wave to him.

“Found this poor soul under the bed,” you say. “Looks like somebody pounded them pretty hard. Haven’t been able to wake ’em, either.”

The nurse examines the patient.

“What’s this stuff on the bed?” he asks.

“Don’t know. A lizard in the supply closet was leaving a trail of it. Maybe it’s their pet?”

“Well, I don’t see signs of severe damage, just bruising.” He feels the patient’s head. “Not even a concussion, in fact, which is strange if you can’t wake them. Best guess is they’re drugged.”

“Any patients unaccounted for who might have done this?” you ask.

“Last time I saw this patient was just after I locked the emergency exit,” Evan muses. “After we locked down and things settled a bit, we got everyone into their beds, except Mortimer Flame and that military group. But we’ve kept pretty close tabs on the group, and the way Mortimer is, I doubt he was even in the hospital at all.”

Hmm. You can’t say for certain where Mortimer was the whole time, and he did end up with some blowdarts somehow.

“Aside from the patients, there’s Ms. Patterson and her employee, that priest who stopped by for a bit, you of course, the woman who came in with you, the old man you found in the storage room, and my sister dropping by to remind me we’re having a family dinner tonight. We haven’t had a chance to let Ms. Patterson or Monty leave, the old man is still on a bed but not marked down in the records yet, and everyone else left as far as I can tell.” He pauses. “Oh, wait, I think there was one other person, but they weren’t around for very long.”

“Do you remember anything about them?”

“Not really. I asked who they were, they just said ‘sorry’ and then left.” He thinks for a bit.. “Oh, but there was one thing that struck me as odd, even aside from the suddenness.”

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They smelled bad