Swamped Chapter 129 Page 5

There’s a thin trail of some kind of slime heading out the door, and you can see that it’s on the lizard’s tail. Which raises an obvious question – what’s on the other end?

You back out and follow it, and you can see that it leads to one of the beds. In fact… you think that’s the bed with the patient who seemed to guess you were a Marshguard. But you didn’t see them with the Bogknights, so how do they fit into all this?

Well. Unpleasant as it may be to talk to them, a little investigation might be necessary. You walk over to the bed…

And it’s empty, though it certainly looks like someone was in there recently. More interestingly, there’s a pool of slime on there. Maybe they were keeping the lizard as a pet and hid it in their clothes.

You also spot something else, something that might offer a clue as to just who this person is.

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