Swamped Chapter 129 Page 4

There’s a staff leaning against the wall.

But not just any staff. Long’s staff.

From what you’ve heard, it doesn’t technically belong to him – it’s a ceremonial item granted to the captain of the Bogknights. It’s just that most of the captains didn’t use them to fight.

Which makes it all the stranger that it would be here. Even if it turned out not to be out of time, shouldn’t it be in the swamp? Burgundy’s a long way off from being promoted – plus, officers aren’t generally allowed to take ceremonial items with them on leave. Hells, you once intercepted a message complaining that Long was using it to fight instead of keeping it at the base.

Well. That’s one more thing to tell the wizard about, you suppose. You feel it would be dangerous to touch it, and anyhow, you’re supposed to be looking for an eavesdropper.

But then something strikes you. If the staff were stolen, the Bogknights would go looking for it. And there happen to be a lot of Bogknights in this hospital. Maybe it’s not a coincidence.

If that’s the case, though, why would someone leave it here? Hells, how would they get it in here without being spotted? The thing’s almost as tall as you are.

And maybe, just maybe, whoever slipped it into this room is the eavesdropper you’re looking for. And probably not too far away.

You glance down at the lizard. Transformed by magic, maybe? Hells, maybe the staff is enchanted and it zapped them when they touched it wrong.

But then you see something that makes you think that’s not it.

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The lizard left a trail when it came in here.