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“We caught sight of a thief slipping out a window. Don’t know what they wanted, though.” You shrug for emphasis. “They could have been working for someone, or they could have just decided the town guard would have their hands full sorting out the mess, so why not make a move now.”

“I’ve been hearing a lot about stuff going missing lately,” one of the other Bogknights says. “Maybe that’s the same thief.”

You doubt it, considering how unprepared they seemed. But maybe whoever sent them here was involved in those other thefts.

“Anyhow, I’ve got to talk to someone else, so if there’s nothing in particular you need to ask me, I’d like to take care of that.”

“Where did you split up?” Burgundy asks.

“Don’t know the town too well, but there was a big grove of trees near it.”

“The Grove’s near the council hall,” says another knight. “Maybe the thief was poking around in there.”

There’s some murmuring. You start walking away. Burgundy gives you a glance, and looks for a moment like he might ask you something, but then he seems to drop it.

Suits you just fine. From the sound of their conversation, they’re arguing about what to do next – some of them want to go out and pick a fight, Burgundy and a few others want to keep the hospital safe. Seems like a volatile situation. You don’t think it’ll be helpful to have them running around, though. Not without a proper commander keeping them in line, at least.

You head back over to the wizard.

“All right, I’ve had time to adjust a bit,” he says. “This is when I explain things a bit more thoroughly. Well, once you take care of the eavesdropper.”

“Don’t suppose you can tell me where they are?” you sigh.

“I have a hard enough time keeping track of what I’m doing. But you’re an observant fellow, I’m sure you won’t have any problems.”

Well, now that he mentions it, you did notice something weird while you were walking here.

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A door to the closet was a bit opened, you remember it being closed