Swamped Chapter 128 Page 12

It’s a message, with a seal on it. One that you recognize immediately – the seal on the last message you were to deliver, before you fled the Guild.

“I have faith you will take it where it needs to go,” Mantis says, bowing slightly. And then he walks off with no further explanation, as usual. The woman goes with him, somewhat skeptically.

You put the mask she gave you on. You can pretend it’s the one you had all along.

“So what’s the message say?” Mortimer asks.

“He didn’t tell me to read it, he told me to deliver it,” you reply. “I’m not going to take chances reading a message from the gods. Who knows what they might do to me.”

Well, this probably wasn’t written by Nual. But you’ve had enough problems with divine messages that you’re not looking at it if you don’t need to.

“Anyhow, we’re heading back to the hospital now,” you say. “Come on.”

“Which entrance?” Mortimer asks.

Hmm. Good question. They ought to both be closed, but you can probably get somebody’s attention by knocking. Well, you definitely can if you knock at the emergency exit, but that’ll mean you have to deal with the Bogknights immediately. You aren’t sure you’re ready for that yet – maybe it would be best to take the main entrance and hope somebody lets you in.

Well, you don’t want to spend too long thinking about it. Best to make your choice and then just do it.

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Better scope them both out quickly to make sure the place isn’t under siege.