Swamped Chapter 128 Page 8

“How would you know?” Mortimer asks.

“Nual has given me a sign. There is a ship arriving under his protection. I believe your friend will be there.”

“Oh, right. You’re a priest, recognize you now.” Mortimer seems a little baffled, though. “The outfit’s a little unusual, threw me off.”

“Well, this year is special. And so the ceremonial wear is special as well,” Mantis replies. “Regardless, the ship will be here momentarily, and I am confident the person we are looking for will be seeking it.”

“Did Nual tell you that?” the woman asks. “Or is that just you guessing?”

“It’s bound to be important either way,” you interject. “I’m guessing it’s the ship Minnie was talking about earlier – it’s called the Golem. I think someone wanted to delay them.”

“Well, then. Shall we head there?” Mantis asks. The woman gives him a skeptical look.

“I think you ought to, whether she agrees or not. I need to check back in at the hospital.” You did do some scouting of the area, so you have a report to give those Bogknights, too. Though they may wonder where your fellow “scout” went. “And Mortimer should probably be staying there, rather than getting into more trouble.”

“Hold on,” Mortimer says. “If Minnie’s there, how’s she going to recognize either of them? I should go, at least. Plus, I might be able to pull that bluff with Pops’ coat again.”

He raises a good point. But you have a distinct feeling that it’s dangerous to leave him roaming. You could go along, too… but that would delay your meeting with the wizard, who probably has a few important things to explain to you.

But before you can think on that much, the woman gets annoyed.

“The priest hasn’t answered my question. Did he get a direct message from his god that this woman would be at the ship, or is that just a hunch as to what the message was about? I’m willing to meet with her, but I’m not willing to disrupt my plans if I can’t be sure.”

You doubt Mantis got anything that clear. So you suppose this is another problem to deal with.

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Perhaps I can help minimize the disruption to your plans. Is there a way I can contact you once we’ve found her? Or is there something I can do for you that would free you up to make this detour in confidence?