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“Just so that you don’t overthink things, ‘drinking the sea’ is what that mask is for.” She points at the water. “Just dive in. That’s what they call it where I come from.”

Doesn’t really clarify the rest of it. But just as you’re puzzling over it, she starts to leave. And you’ve just remembered something else. The wizard said something to Minnie about how this woman might be able to help her with the map.

“Hold up. Got a friend – another one – who wants you to look at something. Can we make another rendezvous, at least?”

“I’m rather busy,” she says, without even turning around.

“She has a map. Thinks there’s something special about it.”

The woman pauses, but only briefly.

“Cartography isn’t my strong suit,” she says.

“No, it’s not the map itself. She thinks there’s a hidden message or something.”

Now she turns around.

Magically hidden?” she asks.

“Yeah. That’s what she thinks. I can’t say for sure…” But you can tell she’s interested. Maybe she was looking for Matilda’s map.

“Where is she?”

“I last saw her around the grove of trees near the town hall, but that was a while ago. And she was chasing after someone. Could be anywhere by now.”

Maybe you could have played it cool. Bargained for something. She’s looking real annoyed now, though.

But suddenly, Mantis speaks up.

“I believe I know where she has gone.”

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