Swamped Chapter 128 Page 6

It’s a mask, but a full-face mask, including goggles.

“How’s this better than the one I’ve got?” you ask. Your best guess is that it’s for deep waters.

“Put it on,” she tells you. You oblige, and then she hands you a note.

The writing is hard to read, then you realize that the goggles are somewhat tinted. It must be invisible writing, and the goggles let you see it at all. Thankfully it’s in Common, or you’d be in real trouble.

But it also looks like a mess of riddles. Something about unwinding time run wild? Does that mean getting you back, or something else? The other lines are little better, some nonsense about ruling the winds and drinking the sea. It’s like a very abstract poem.

“This isn’t all that clear,” you say, somewhat annoyed.

“Your friend should understand it better. I’m afraid I don’t have the time to clarify all of it. But I suppose there’s one thing I can explain a little better.”

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Drinking the sea is a phrase that means for diving in anoth language.