Swamped Chapter 128 Page 5

The first thing you need to do is get their attention. So you start cawing loudly.

They pause to turn towards you, and you hold up the needles.

“Thought I didn’t have the proof you asked for, but it turns out I do,” you say. “And to clarify, my friend couldn’t be here himself, so he sent me to meet you.”

The woman looks at you, and at Mortimer.

“Who’s that? I thought it was Jack Flame at first, but he’s too young. The face is uncanny, though.”

“His son,” you say. “Who knocked his old man out not too long ago, so I don’t think they’re that close.”

The woman frowns.

“Can’t say I’m fond of any Flames, but that can wait. Let me see one of those needles.”

She takes one, and holds it carefully. She’s still for a few moments.

The needle dissipates suddenly.

“So you did deal with the mixture,” she says, satisfied. “Good. And I think I have some idea of what your friend wanted to ask for help with in return.”

Good, because you aren’t entirely sure of that yourself.

“I can help, but I can’t solve the whole problem for you. However, I can give you this, and some instructions. Follow them, and I’ll be able to take care of the rest.”

She hands you something.

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It’s… A breathing mask, but like, it covers the eyes too? Is it for diving?