Swamped Chapter 128 Page 4

“I neutralized the stuff, but I don’t have-” you begin.

But you have to change course quickly, because she’s pointing some kind of weapon at Mortimer. A wand, maybe?

And Mantis is already moving to intercept. Right, so you’ve got an entirely different set of problems.

Whatever moved you past your exhaustion did you a favor, though, because you quickly realize the problem.

“She’s after your dad!” you shout at Mortimer.

“Well, you’re the one who told me to take his stuff!” Mortimer shouts back.

You did, at that. And then it strikes you – maybe the fact that Minnie’s got the needle isn’t as much of a problem as you thought.

“Good point. Give me the coat, maybe she’ll see how much younger you are.”

Mortimer takes off the coat and gives it to you. You start poking through the pockets, and soon find something. Just as you suspected – more needles.

Now you just need to get her to stop fighting Mantis so you can try to get this conversation started again.

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Try some loud noises!