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This might be a town where Nual has a lot of influence, but you haven’t seen any signs of encouragement from him. And it’s not like you’re a sailor.

You think your best bet is probably Reth. She’s recognized Rider, maybe you’re close enough to him that she’ll reach out. Or maybe she’ll appreciate your name.

Oh Reth, I beseech thee, rescue thy humble servant.

Maybe that’s a little over the top. If only you’d listen to some of Mantis’ sermons…

You suddenly feel everything start moving again, and in particular you feel a pair of strong arms on your shoulders.

Mantis is looking directly at you. You feel a little glad you have your mask on, then you realize it probably doesn’t matter because of the whole aura thing. Even if you’re not entirely sure how that works.

“I do not know what hunts you, but Reth’s protection will keep it away,” he says. “I will stay close.”

You guess it worked?

“Sorry about earlier,” you say awkwardly.

“The fault was mine. I have since prayed to Nual for guidance, and he has kept the false god’s influence away from me. Though I am still trying to stay away from your friend, just to be safe.”

You feel like you missed something. But you also know you have a meeting. Mortimer’s just staring blankly – he probably has even less idea what happened than you do.

“Come on, let’s go,” you mutter. You don’t feel quite as tired – maybe that has to do with whatever just happened. You start walking towards the guild hall.

You see a red-haired woman. She actually looks a lot like the woman from the orphanage, come to think of it. Maybe they’re sisters or something.

There’s something else familiar about her, but you can’t quite place it.

Regardless, you don’t see Minnie, so you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do. And the look in her eyes makes it clear she wants to know just who you are.

So you’d best come up with an explanation that will satisfy her.

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Got a needle from our mutual friend. Crazy night, huh?

Oh, I see that you’re attacking Mortimer. Can’t have that!.