Swamped Chapter 128 Page 1

“Well, there’s a meeting that somebody should be at soon,” you mutter. “Best to head there. If nothing else, Minnie or Arlene might have the same idea.”

Your first inclination is to send Mortimer off, but your second is to glance down at his unconscious father.

“Take his hat and jacket. If the light’s poor, we might be able to pass you off as him. Could be useful.”

“I guess,” Mortimer says, a little nervously. He reaches down and takes the stuff, and you both walk out. Quickly.

The wizard told you that the meeting would be outside the sailor’s guildhouse, just across from the hospital. You figure enough time’s passed by now, not that you’ve really been keeping track.

Fortunately, when you tell Mortimer you’re heading there, he says he knows the way. That’s convenient. You make your way there. You run into a group doing something, but Mortimer’s resemblance to his father, combined with the clothes, is enough to get them to stay out of your way.

But there’s one more matter to deal with just as you arrive at the guildhouse.

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You’re exhausted, painfully so