Swamped Chapter 127 Page 10

It’s darker in here, but there’s enough light that you can spot a bunch of poles sticking out of a box. You reach for one.

And the feel of it is immediately familiar – it’s a mudpike. Not quite the same as yours, but close enough; the overall style of them hasn’t really changed over the years.

Maybe this smith has a contract with the Bogknights. You don’t really have time to reflect on that, though, because Stanley is rushing inside.

A little too fast for his own good, mind. You stick the mudpike in front of his legs and he goes tumbling towards the door. Sounds like he hit something on his way there, too.

Seems your best bet right now is running back into the shop and hoping Mortimer’s dad doesn’t have any tricks to pull. Stanley’s blocking the one exit here, and Christine is apparently coming from the other side.

And then you hear some noise. Some loud scraping, like a trash box being moved… and then a loud noise like a door swinging open, and a couple cries of pain. Looks like Christine tried to give Stanley some backup at just the right time.

And… then you hear footsteps from the front. Probably Mortimer’s dad, wondering what all the noise is. This could be your chance. You raise your mudpike for a knockout blow…

And see Mortimer, shaking. You stop as he turns towards you.

“We should get out of here,” he says. You follow him, a little confused, but it becomes a bit clearer as you see his father lying unconscious on the floor.

But something’s odd.

“Where’s the grebling?” you ask.

“I don’t know! I dropped them, and… maybe they were just faking? What even fell on them?”

You were a little too distracted to notice that yourself, so you take a quick glance around where you were standing.

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Pretty sure it was some kind of blacksmithing tool. Kind of odd for that to be balancing loose on a rafter, now that you mention it… Anything else up there? Oh, hello, Nocta Mortimer!