Swamped Chapter 126 Page 6

You’ve handled your share of wild animals, but you don’t know exactly what Nocta can do. All you really know is that she’s agile, and big enough to be worrying even if she doesn’t have particularly dangerous teeth or claws. Which you can’t really tell just by looking.

Right now, she’s sizing you up, circling you but not doing anything in particular. Maybe she doesn’t realize a dart took down her master, and thinks you did something, so she’s trying not to be overtly threatening.

She’s hissing, though. Definitely upset. But it’s more like a warning not to get closer than an actual threat.

You wonder if she’d actually do anything besides run if you did. Then again, it’s not like you aren’t depending on her overestimating you right now, if you’re reading her right. Call her bluff and she might just call yours.

Hmm. But you were bluffing Setrus, weren’t you. She might have been confused by your cordial conversation. Maybe she’s trying to figure out if you’re an actual threat at all.

You relax as fully as you can. And you smile nervously as you approach Setrus.

“He’s going to need some help,” you say calmly. “You don’t mind if I carry him to safety, do you?”

You start kneeling slowly, watching for what she does in response.

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She goes to help and picks up his feet. Don’t know why people think she’s scary looking now that you see her up clo– YIKES! RUN FOR IT!