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You were in the Guild, of course, but they didn’t tend to bother educating couriers on anything. Especially not on the organization’s history. You doubt many people in it even care. So you only have a very general understanding of what Setrus’ role in things is. He’s clearly not in charge – but he probably works directly for someone who is, or close to it.

Which means he’s probably broadly aware of other plans the Guild has going on. Unlikely to be told any operational details – he doesn’t strike you as the sort to care about those unless they’ll affect him directly. But probably knows roughly what’s happening, if only so he can make sure he doesn’t get in the way of what anyone else is doing.

Well, that’s enough to work with.

“No doubt. But you’re probably too big to sneak into the hospital,” you tell him. “Nocta isn’t.”

“Isn’t hospital sleeping?”

“Something went wrong, the gas didn’t work. And there’s some tough customers holding the fort inside. I was wondering if Nocta might be able to at least take down the guy leading them, if she caught him by surprise.”

Setrus rubs his chin thoughtfully.

“Hospital not my problem,” he says. “Hospital bird’s problem. Go see bird.”


Ah. He must be referring to the person in charge of the hospital operation. Except, he might be testing you. Maybe the person has nothing to do with birds and he’ll know you’re a phony if you act like that makes sense.

It’s always tricky to know how to play that sort of scenario. Under normal circumstances, anyways. But in this case, you can see that Mortimer’s standing some distance away and has a blowgun aimed at him, so all you really need to do is keep his attention on you and see if you can squeeze a little more info out in the process.

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If he was testing you he wouldn’t have answered our questions or talked about his pet.

Who do you think send me here? Bird says that you know the hospital is more important