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A better vantage point might be good. Maybe they’re just in a place you can’t see well from here.

Although, the most obvious high points are the trees and the rooftops. And you’re not especially adept at climbing either of those. A hilltop would be nice, or even just a ladder.

Or, by looking up, you could spot a lithe, black-furred creature about the size of a wolf hopping about on the rooftops. That answers one question, at least. Doesn’t tell you where the scream came from, though…

Or maybe it does. You spot an open window higher up. Maybe Setrus’ pet climbed past it and gave whoever was inside a scare.

Well, Arlene’s some distance away, so you suppose you’re in the best position to give chase. It’s bound to come down sometime, and it’s not that fast – though it is rather nimble. You follow it from the ground as best you can.

After passing a few houses, it starts hopping down to a fence and rushing along the top of it. This might be your best chance to catch up. You start running towards it…

And soon come face to face with someone in a rather long coat, wearing a breather mask. You think you can make out the shape of a sword under the coat, as well.

The stranger starts petting the creature, and just stares at you for a while without saying anything. Clearly trying to intimidate you.

You suspect this is Setrus. Not that you have any firm proof. And you’re not sure exactly what you’d be doing even if you knew it was.

Well. Intimidating as they might be, they aren’t doing anything to you right now. You think it’s worth the risk of starting a conversation, though you’ll want to be careful about just how you open it.

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