Swamped Chapter 125 Page 14

Come to think of it, she can’t be having an easy time if she accepted a job like this at her skill level. Even if she can handle the break-in, she clearly had no plan if she were spotted or caught. Which is really risky if she’s in an unfamiliar town.

So maybe you can offer her a better deal.

“You’re clearly working for someone. Don’t know who, or why, but I do know you got a pretty raw deal if they just sent you to some town you don’t know the first thing about. Especially on a messy night like tonight.”

She gives you the look of someone who’s trying very hard to pretend not to be surprised.

“But you know what? I also don’t especially care right now. Whoever it is probably had nothing to do with our mess, or they would have given you a heads-up about it. And probably at least a little bit of info about where you were headed. Unless they don’t give a damn about whether you get caught up in it, I suppose.”

Still no response, but she seems a little hurt by the implication. Maybe there’s a personal connection to whoever sent her here. Well, it doesn’t seem worth pressing at this point – your goal is to get her on your side.

“Either way, I don’t really see you as my problem right now. But I also can’t exactly let you go running around and either getting yourself into trouble or causing it. So there’s a simple deal here – you help us out, and we don’t have to tell the town guard about you.”

“Help you out how, exactly?” she asks. She’s wary, but desperate enough to hear you out. Good sign.

You think you should be careful how you answer, though. First, of course, you don’t know how much you can trust her. But also, if you ask for too much, that might intimidate her. Ask for something too simple, though, and she’s likely to think you’re up to something. Plus, you want it to be something where you can keep an eye on her.

So you’re going to have to think carefully about your request.

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It’s simple enough, just carry this illegal sausage and see what stirs.
And let’s go find Setrus!