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Well, thinking back, swamp water might be the most memorable way if it happens to you, but it’s not like Doc didn’t tell you about other options. She was actually pretty annoyed people were using swamp water.

“A little pressure on the cheeks is all it takes. Or, if you want to be really sure, a good slap. Stimulates the nerves and gets the brain wanting to know what in the hells is going on, so it wakes ’em up so they can figure that out.”

So you slap her on the cheek. She opens her eyes, looks around, and screams.

Well, you’re pretty confident that’s the scream you heard before. So you don’t have to go looking for somebody else who’s been screaming. You clap a hand over her mouth and try to figure out what in the hells you’re going to tell her.

“We apologize,” Minnie says. “We heard you shouting before, and found you unconscious, so we tried to wake you up.”

“Yeah,” you say nervously. “Sorry for the fright, wasn’t thinking about how my costume might come across.”

You tentatively take your hand off her mouth. She still looks worried, but she’s not screaming.

“I… oh. That creature isn’t still here, is it?”

“We haven’t seen it,” Minnie says. “And we’re a little busy, so we’d appreciate it if you could get yourself somewhere safer.”

“Oh, dear,” she mutters. “I suppose if I fainted, I should go see a doctor…”

“Wouldn’t advise it right now. There’s trouble going on down at the hospital. Just go home – you can go in when things settle down.”

She picks herself up, and nods slowly.

“Thank you. Er, would you mind walking with me for a bit? Just until I’m out in the open? I wouldn’t want to run into that dreadful beast again…”

“We’re a little busy, but maybe one of us can escort you while the other keeps going.” You glance at Minnie; she gives a quick “do whatever” gesture. Guess it’s your choice which task you’re taking on, then.

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Might as well accompany her. Ask her where she was going this time of night.