Swamped Chapter 125 Page 8

“Hold it. Not saying we should just leave her here, but we don’t know who she is. Maybe she’s with the Guild,” Minnie says.

“You just said it might be a Guild bigwig’s pet that spooked her, though,” you note.

“Yeah, but she might not have met ’em before. Or they might be on opposing factions – I hear there’s quite a few of those these days. Look, I just want to play it safe. Is there anything you can tell me about her?”

Well, she looks vaguely familiar. You could swear you’ve seen that face somewhere before, though you can’t quite place it. You don’t recall meeting a lot of people with red hair, though.

None of that tells you if she’s with the guild. But she does have a badge with a symbol on it. You don’t recognize it as a Guild symbol, but it might be outdated, or specific to one of the factions. Maybe they didn’t make it through this fight.

You show the badge to Minnie.

“Don’t know if that has anything to do with the Guild. Does it look familiar to you?”

“Hmm. Almost looks like a family crest,” she muses. “Not one I recognize, per se, but I know a little about the general symbology of them. There’s a couple of interesting ones here.”

“I’m sure that’s fascinating, but I’d rather not leave her like this for long. So quick answer – does it suggest any association with the Guild?”

“I know the crests of the main families by sight, and it’s not any of those,” she replies. “Guess I’m willing to take a chance.”

“Good. Now, how do I actually wake her up…”

The fastest way you know of to wake someone up is to toss swampwater in their face – you learned that the hard way. But you’re not in the swamp, and there’s no obvious water source around. You might need to think of something else.

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Gentle slaps on the cheek won’t do it?