Swamped Chapter 12 Page 31

The plan’s going wrong, and you were aiming to get captured anyhow. It’s best if you help clean up the mess.

You step out from behind the rock.

“Hey! Don’t try anything funny, Bogknight!” a Marshguard calls out at you. He looks like he’s about to give chase, but he’s got one eye on the Fenguin and seems afraid to move closer.

“I’m just helping you out with the beast,” you say, drawing your slicer. “No tricks! I’ll come along quietly afterwards.”

The Marshguard glares at you for a few moments, then nods.

“Fine. But if you harm our men, you can expect a trip to the darkest cell we have. Understood?”

“Got it. Don’t worry.”

You aim carefully, and fling your slicer at the beast’s head. It shrieks, just as three Marshguards stab it with their mudpikes; your slicer flies back to your hand easily afterwards.

Unfortunately, its wounds don’t seem to slow it down much. In fact, it seems unconcerned with the Marshguards confronting it; it looks directly at you and charges forward, ignoring everything in its path.

The Marshguards seem to notice this, and disengage, pulling aside their wounded.

“It’s after the slicer!” Dean calls out. “Get rid of it!”

Your first thought is to drop the slicer and run, but that would still leave the beast here. It might be better to throw the slicer and lead the Fenguin out of everyone’s way.

But where should you toss it? Or is it best to just drop it here and flee?

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lodge it in a tree