Swamped Chapter 12 Page 29

A thought occurs to you.

“Dean, you said the Marshguards aren’t as good as we are at keeping beasts away from the base.”

“That’s right,” he says. “That’s why they built most of their walkways over the shallows; it’s easier to spot creatures when they can’t go very deep.”

“So could we draw something over to them?”

“Oh, that might well work. That’s likely the main reason they have so many guards here. Hmm, but I’m not too familiar with this area, since it’s not exactly easy to get here. I don’t know exactly what sort of creatures might be around, especially so soon after the rain. And we wouldn’t want to lure out something too dangerous, in case it turns on us…”

“Take a guess, I suppose?” you suggest. “Think of a creature that you know how to lure out safely, and then see if it shows up.”

“Right,” Dean muses. “Let’s get ready first. I see Jackson’s got the decoy done; think you can make a good run while carrying it?”

“Should be able to,” Jackson says, nodding. “I can even get my ropes off it cleanly.”

“Okay. Then if the lure works, I want everyone else running. Jackson, you make your own way once the rest of us have them distracted. Drop the decoy on your own judgement. I think that’s about it…”

“What are you luring?” Mary asks.

“Oh, I forgot to mention that,” Dean says. “I was thinking of…”

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A Six-Gilled Fenguin, although it’s more accurate to call it a Lesser Six-Gilled Fenguin after it was divided into two separate species.