Swamped Chapter 12 Page 26

You can’t think of anything better than confronting him directly.

“Where’s the rest of your squad?” you ask.

He starts looking around nervously.

“What squad,” he says, but he sounds worried. He’s realized that he’s already messed up.

“Don’t play games with me. You didn’t come here alone. What are you doing here?”

“Stay back!” he shouts. “Stay back, and no harm!”

“Listen,” you shout back. “We know you’re planning an attack. If you value your life, it’s in your best interests to let him go before the fighting starts. At that point, we’ll have no choice but to stop you. Even if it means a knight’s life.”

He seems unnerved. He waits a few seconds before responding.

“I let him go. You let me go. Fair?”

That sounds like a reasonable offer to you. Are you going to accept it, or is there something else you should say to him first?

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Say something intimidating and badass, just to show-off essentially.