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It strikes you that what matters here is Bluesight getting back to report. And they haven’t seen him yet. If you make a big enough distraction, you can cover his escape.

You tap the back of his hand twice quickly, to signal that you’re separating. You then pull his arm gently in the direction you want him to go. He taps back to acknowledge, then you let go and swim to the grass.

“They’re in the grass!” the Bogknight shouts. You take a moment to put your blowgun away; it’s just a distraction right now. While it would help with what you’re planning to do, you don’t have many shots to spare.

Instead, you take out your knife and grab a small stone as you pull yourself out of the water. You toss the stone at the Bogknight’s head, and he instinctively moves aside to dodge it.

That’s when you rush him. He’s not expecting your speed, and in a moment, you’ve knocked his mudpike out of his hands and you’re holding your knife to his throat. Just in time, too; some more patrollers have arrived.

“Let prisoners go,” you hiss. “Or boy gets it.”

You’re now one of the patrolling knights on the scene. Who are you, and how are you going to handle this hostage situation?

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You’re Lisa and oh crap oh crap oh crap what do you do

This guy doesnt look like he can be negotiated with, mostly because youre not sure he would understand you, but also because he’s terrifying.