Swamped Chapter 12 Page 17

There’s not much time, so you think about where you can hide nearby. If you stay low, you might not get spotted, but since they’re actively checking the bushes, that’s not a guarantee.

The water is safer. Except, if they’re checking the bushes, they’re likely to check the water, too.

But they don’t seem to be at the moment. And after they’ve checked a particular spot of bush, they’re unlikely to check it again…

You glance back at your squad leader. His goggles are up. You pop them down over his eyes; if he’s having trouble seeing, it’ll be easier than trying to sign to him to put them on properly. Should signal him that you’re headed for water, too, so he won’t be caught off-guard.

You grab him by the wrist, and lead him into the water as best you can without making noise.

Then you listen.

“Right, you seem to have the idea,” a female voice says. The tone makes you think it’s an officer. “When you get to the halfway point, one of you should double back and recheck, in case the Marshguards think you might skip over the parts you’ve already looked at.”

Damn. Well, there goes that plan.

“Now, while you two do that, I’ll check the water.”

Oh hells.

Now what are you supposed to do?

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Hmm…sounds like they’re treating this as a training exercise. So they’re on guard but not aware of the scope of an attack.

Strategically, it would be very bad for them to find scouts right now.

You could fight, but you’d have to quietly incapacitate 2 scouts and an officer, by yourself…

Yeah you can do that.

Three darts and a blowgun. They’ll fall quickly and quietly, you’ll only have two shots left however, and little time before the next patrol finds them missing.

Author’s Note:

This marks the first time in the story I use “hells” instead of “hell”. It becomes a fairly regular occurence from here on out, eventually becoming the term I use consistently.

Given that Stinger is a foreigner, I may have originally intended this to be something specific to him. Either a religious difference, or a language difficulty. Whatever the reason, it seems I forgot and started using it with everyone.