Swamped Chapter 12 Page 15

You start by mentally reviewing what you know from Mudviper’s debriefing.

First, there are two Marshguard prisoners in the base. Even though it’s just two of them, letting them out would cause enough of a distraction to alter the base’s defensive priorities.

Second, Mudviper mentioned climbing down a tree. You decide to slip in closer to the base to get a sense of if it would provide a good point of entry.

Fortunately, with your good vision, you don’t need to get too close. You can already see the gates from here, though just barely; if you can slip past one patrol, you should be able to get a sense of where the tree is.

But the trick is, you don’t want to alert the patrol at all. That means distractions are out unless you can make them seem natural. Even then, it’s a risk; after they investigate the diversion, they may be more attentive.

It’s probably safest to only bring one of your squad with you while you take a look; you’ll need a spotter to warn you of trouble, but the more people you bring, the greater the risk of being seen.

So who will you take along with you as you advance?

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Stinger is probably the best choice. He’s a cast-away that drifted here from a distant land, and one of the most stealthy individuals in the marshguards.
He doesn’t talk much, mainly due to his stilted understanding of the language, but what you do understand about him is that he came to the marshguards after having a rough go of it in the surrounding kingdoms, struggling to find a place in the cities and towns. He says he much prefers the swamp as it reminds him of his home, and the marshguards remind him of his culture. Trained in the art of guile and quiet surveillance, you think he might have been an assassin in his old country, but that’s just your best guess.
You’d be an idiot not to bring him.

Author’s Note:

I needed to think about whether to start a new chapter here or not, as there’s a perspective switch that takes several updates.

I concluded that the main point of it was to focus on something else while the Bogknights make their way closer, and it’s an update on events that happened earlier in the chapter. So I decided not to split it.